Friday, May 31, 2013

Review of "No Laughing Allowed" Part 2

The long awaited review:

As I previously mentioned in part 1 of this review, I received a free Kindle version of the book,
 No Laughing Allowe (life Well Blogged) by authors Abbey Fatica and Monica Mylet.

I have to say that to not laugh through the reading of this book, you simply just had to be from another planet. What Abbey Fatica and Monica Mylet actually did was gather together some of the most hilarious mom bloggers out there and stuffed them chapter by chapter in a book.

The contents within the pages contained thoughts from no less than 34 bloggers. These ladies discussed their lives of mommy-hood, school drop-offs, womanly stuff, sex or lack there of and the gift of wine with such flair and hilarity. I cannot begin to tell you how I almost choked a couple of times on my large glass of Pepsi with the familiarity of it all.

As a Mom and now, young Grandma, I saw myself in some of these tales.

For example like the one where trying to get in a  quickie while the kids are watching TV. (Just for the record, to my kids: don't roll your eyes at me. You will do it too one day now that you have your own kids.)

I could truly relate to the blogger who felt somewhat defeated because she could not fit in to her little black dress anymore. She tells of getting stuck. Oh my gosh, tears of laughter or is it sadness.

Then of course the blogger who listed the things she had planned to do as the "best mommy in the world". You know, like having dinner at the table, EVERY night. Yeah, that happens. (uh hmm...the kids rolling their eyes at me again)

If you are a Mom, Grand-Mom, wish you were a Mom, or even a Husband (yes, you are included in here too), then you want to read this book! It is in your face truthful and so much fun.

Raise your glass of wine because this book gets:

~Naila Moon

Where to find authors, Abbey Fatica and Monica Mylet:

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