Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Review of "If You Were Me and Lived in France"

Bonjour! That is hello in French.

In her newest series of If You Were Me and Lived In... Carole P. Roman now offers her second book called, If You Were Me and Lived In France. This new book sends children once again to another part of  the world to learn about other children and their culture.

As in the first book two children introduce the reader to places around France that one might see like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or maybe the Boulangerie. To find out what that is you must read the book.

Children learn a little of French with pronunciations in the back of the book and come to know that children in other parts of the world are sometimes just like them.

The illustrations are bold and colorful and only add to the great book this really is. This book is targeted for ages Pre-K through year 8.

I give this book:
Au revoir,
Naila Moon

Where to find Carole P. Roman:


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