Wednesday, March 4, 2015

#Giveaway: Stuck In The Doldrums by Carole P. Roman

When the wind stops blowing, Captain No Beard and his crew, including First Mate Hallie, Linus the Lion, Fribbet the Frog, Mongo the Monkey and Polly the Parrot, are stuck on a desert island. Maroon with nothing to do, they begin to play and enjoy themselves. However, Captain No Beard has other ideas, bossing his crew around and making playtime cheerless for everyone. Soon, Captain No Beard decides he has had enough and storms off. When his ship is attacked by a giant squid, he realizes he needs his crew more than ever. Captain No Beard and his crew show young readers that's it's important to cooperate and share your belongings. The crew teaches us that if you want to have friends, then you must be a friend too.

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Kid Lit Hop #55 #KLBH #KidLitHop

Hello one and all welcome to my blog and the 55th Kid Lit Blog Hop where we continue to develop a dynamic and engaged community of children's books bloggers, authors, publishers, and publicists. So, you are always more than welcome to join us by popping in a post and hopping around to meet some of your fellow Kid Lit bloggers and authors!

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We are pleased to be welcome two co-hosts this week. First up, is author Evelyne Holingue. You can visit her at And, joining us once again is Tiffiny from the blog Spark and Pook.  


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**First of all, I want to say welcome to our co-host this week. I am so happy to be co-hosting with such great ladies this wonderful hop.

This week I am featuring one of the two book I reviewed on manners this week by the same author, Sherrill S, Cannon. This book is all about dealing with the "whineys". It is adorable and is a adaptation told by the authors own mother. Check out, Peter and the Whimpey-Whineys.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

#Review: Peter and the Whimper-Whineys by Sherrill S. Cannon/Illustrated by Kalpart

"In a house in the forest all covered with vines, Lived a very small rabbit who did nothing but whine." Thus begins the rhymed story of Peter and the Whimper-Whineys. Peter's mother warns him that if he cannot stop whining and crying, he'll have to go live with the Whimper-Whineys. His adventure continues as he later hops into the woods and finds lots of frightening Whimper-Whineymen! He discovers that the Whimper-Whineys are very ill-mannered and rude, and that everything is sour in Whimper-Whineland. He decides his mother was right...If only he can get back home...!

My review:
I think if there was one book to read to children about being whiney, this is it! I loved the re-hashed family story that the author put her own spin to. Apparently, this story had been told by her own mother many times over, the author simply put it to rhyme. She did that very well, I might add.

This story is meant to be a "moral" story making note of consequences for ones actions. I was totally immersed! Even being adult, I got it and kids would too.

The illustrations were top notch which is quite interesting since they were all in dark and muted colors for most of the book. This may seem odd for a children's book but actually it is quite purposeful in this case and worked well.

Every kid, everywhere, needs to read this book. 5 stars without a doubt!

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book for my open and honest opinion. The views expressed here are 100% my own and may differ with yours. ~Naila Moon

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss...It's Read Across America Day!

Today, March 2nd is always Dr. Seuss' birthday and National Read Across America Day. What will you be reading today?  

I will be making a video for my grand-kids and kids everywhere reading a children's book. Probably a Dr. Seuss book! *wink*

Here is the Presidential Proclamation for today.

Have fun and read, because like the books says, when you read, "Oh, the Places You Will Go."

~Naila Moon

Sunday, March 1, 2015

#Review: Warm Chocolate by Eve Coberly aka Flitzy Books #kidsbooks

It's creamy. It's smooth. It's chocolate. Everything about this classic winter drink is SO right-except for one little thing...its name. Join funny boy Marvin Peters as he explains to his classmates before winter break why he thinks it's time for the WARM CHOCOLATE revolution....are you ready?

My review:
This was a cute little rhyming book for children. The author set the book during the Christmas season but it could be read at any time during winter. I liked the story line of why sharing "warm" chocolate is fun. 

Although the rhyming was cute and worked well for the book, I was not overly impressed with the illustrations. They were simple line drawings but colorful too. The illustrations were underneath the written parts on what looked like torn sheets of paper. This was different from books I have read before but seemed cheesy to me and not too professional.

One thing I did like about the illustrations was the fact that some of them were drawings of real things from the author. In the back of the book, she included a seek and find which was kind of fun to go back through and look for. I almost wished though, they would have been the real photos!

The other thing she includes in the back of the book was the recipe to make "warm" chocolate. Great!

I am giving this book a 3 as I did like the story and was glad to see she included the recipe.

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book for my open and honest opinion. The views expressed here are 100% my own and may differ from yours. ~Naila Moon

Where to find the author:

Saturday, February 28, 2015

#Review: The Magic Word by Sherrill S Cannon/ Illustrated by Kalpart #kidsbooks #manners

The Magic Word is one that everyone needs to learn. "Elisabeth Keys never said thank you, excuse me or please. She made fun of people, she'd argue and tease. She took what she wanted whenever she could, Elisabeth's manners were not very good." So begins the rhymed story of Elisabeth, who discovers her lack of friends when no one wants to come to her birthday party. Her mother suggests that she learn to be considerate of others and to say "please" as well as "thank you." She should treat others "the way that you know you would like," and should "think more about others and less about you." When Elisabeth goes to school the next day, she remembers her mother's advice and uses the magic word "please." She also tries to become more thoughtful of others. Imagine her pleasure when she returns home to find out that her new friends are all coming to her birthday party.

My review:
We all know the "magic word" but do we all use it? I like that the author has introduced such a simple concept in this book that teaches children to say please and thank you. I feel some adults could learn this lesson too.

The author's poetry is purely awesome as I have come to expect from Sherrill Cannon. I will say though, I was not overly impressed with the illustrations, in fact, I thought they did nothing for the book and that the author's poetry could have stood on its own.

This book can easily be read by an emerging reader or someone else reading to a child. Certainly the ideas described in the book should be discussed together either way.

I give this book 4 stars.

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book for my open and honest opinion. The views expressed here are 100% my own and may differ with yours. ~Naila Moon

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Friday, February 27, 2015

#Review: Murder at the Brown Palace, A True Story of Seduction and Betrayal by Dick Kreck #AdultBooks #Colorado #TravelChannel

Note: This book, the edition I have, is apparently an earlier edition.
On May 24, 1911, one of the most notorious murders in Denver's history occurred. The riveting tale involves high society, adultery, drugs, multiple murder, and more, all set in Denver's grand old hotel, the Brown Palace.

At the center of the storm was the seductively beautiful Denver socialite, Isabel Springer. Little did ambitious John W. Springer, wealthy businessman and politician, know that Isabel, 20 years his junior, had been feeding the romantic fire of an out-of-town suitor at the same time that she had become cozy with a man he regarded a friend and business partner.

Flirtation and romantic promises all culminated in a barroom confrontation, followed by two of the most lurid court trials in Colorado history. A true story of seduction, murder, mayhem in the courtroom, as gripping today as it was 90 years ago!

My review:
Since I am not native to Colorado, I thought this might be an interesting story to read of what is already Colorado's colorful history. I would not say it was as gripping as the  summary suggests but it was interesting at least for awhile. The whole story did indeed wrap around murder and mayhem at the Brown Palace which I have yet to visit but certainly have seen.

The person who was most prominent for the whole affair, Isabel Springer, was sadly missing throughout much of the story. This was two-fold partly due to the fact she was a woman of society whom the men tried to keep out of the papers and secondly because she was ousted from Denver when her husband divorced her. She remained aloof and although did appear in court one time, she mostly lived in the New York area and died a pauper. There is an interesting epilogue that you simply must read that involves this author.

This whole story is a bit over the top and so many atrocities happened over the course of time. It also showed, at least to me, what high society privilege could buy and not buy. Many people who do not have money but find themselves maybe in a similar situation (murder I mean), would be thrown in jail without the privilege of creature comforts while awaiting or standing trial. This sickened me.

It also sickened me to see how Isabel Springer used men to gain her ever desire. Although they gave her much, she found no problem with turning against them if it suited her purposes. Her consorts and husband were not as upstanding as they seemed to be either. In the end, no one gained anything and the loss of life, status, and wealth was great.

The last thing that made me ill was the awful justice system and lack if integrity on so many sides. Mr. Henwood's initial trial may have come out very differently if certain things would have happened. The twist of whom he stood trial for to begin with was thought provoking, it is not whom you may think. I will not spoil that information though.

This book was interesting, I will give it that. However, it is written by a journalist and often comes across as a journalist attribute but I will give him his due as it was well researched and as complete as possible. The details were repetitive and somewhat boring but this too was due to the facts were often in newspapers articles of the day. I was glad to see photos of the real people of which the murder and subsequent trials took place.

Overall, there is a very different Denver today. The headlines in in the early 1900's would have certainly been sensational news as the author pointed out and does make for a good story to retell, especially, I am sure, at the Brown Palace. Yet, in book form, it is hardly as gripping as it was then.
Even so, I give this book 3 stars and I certainly learned a bit of Colorado history.

SIDE NOTE: Ironically, as I was writing this review, The Travel Channel's Show Mysteries At The Castle featured this very story but in brief. They gave a short summation of the trial but not a complete picture as the author has done here. They focused on what happened to the land that John W. Springer owned after his death. His luxurious mansion still exists and the roaming lands that he once owned are now part of Highland, Colorado with many homes built on the land.

Disclosure: I purchased a copy of this book for my own collections. The views expressed here are 100% my own and may differ from yours. ~Naila Moon

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