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Interview with Dr. Cliff Post character and star of author Linda Cadose's Books

Very recently I had the distinct privilege to sit down and interview Dr. Cliff Post, noted archaeologist and star in author Linda Cadose's books. What follows is that interview.

Hello Dr. Post and welcome. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do an interview with me and my blog, “Once Upon A Time.” We are here to discuss about you and the books that you star in, The Hidden Chamber In The Great Sphinx and The Underwater Pyramid In The Bermuda Triangle. by Linda Cadose.

Please tell me a little about yourself .

I was born and brought up in Plymouth, MA. My parents owned a lovely house on a corner lot that had a panoramic view of Plymouth Harbor. My father was an archaeologist who taught at Harvard University. During the year, my father commuted to Harvard but in the summers we accompanied my father on archaeological digs. 
I went to Boston University for my Bachelor’s degree and I went to Harvard University for my Master’s degree and my Doctorate. 
Five years ago, I married a lovely lady who is a Social Studies teacher from Brookline and I adopted her son, Matt.

How did you get started in the industry? 

I started in the industry from childhood when I went on digs with my father.

Is Linda Cadose a personal friend?

Linda Cadose and I met through the Boston Archaeological Society. She was a journalist writing for "Dig Magazine". We became friends. Later, she asked permission to write about my adventures.

Being an archaeologist seems like it might be an interesting job but time consuming. Can you speak about that for any young readers that might want to do that some day? Who might you work with besides other archaeologist?

Being an archaeologist is fascinating but it can be challenging as well. When you work in Egypt, a dig means laboring for long hours in the hot desert sun. You work with art experts, historians, engineers and museums. 

How is it that you got so interested in Egypt and pyramids?

My father was an Egyptologist so I spent most of my summers in Egypt. My father would talk about the pyramids at the dinner. I became interested in the pyramids before I was old enough to work on the digs.

Was it a fun time for you growing up? Did you travel much?

Growing up was great fun for me. When I was in school, both the teachers and the other students would ask my about my father’s work. We traveled to Egypt every summer.

In both books, you talk about ancient alien visitors. In fact, you have deep discussions with a marine biologist friend of yours about them in The Underwater Pyramid. You discussed a find in the Bermuda Triangle. Tell me more about that and how it relates to the aliens.

In the summer of 2000, oceanographer Paulina Zelitsky discovered a Sunken City on the Cuban Shelf off the coast of Cuba. It contained 3 pyramids, buildings and roads. The city is estimated to be 14,000 years old. The city was flooded by an ancient earthquake. It was flooded and sunk before the end of the Ice Age which was in 10,500 B.C.
It is believed by some researchers that this ancient city is Atlantis which was described by Plato as being in that location. Some researchers believe that the ancient Egyptians were descendents of the Atlanteans.

Linda’s  whole book is based on your obsession with  the pyramids and the aliens. I am quite sure you are at digs a lot. Did you come to a complete conclusion as to why we humans have not come to meet them again?

We do not know why the aliens have not come back to Earth.

I should point out that I personally believe in the ancient aliens theory but mainstream archaeologists do not believe in this theory. I believe in the ancient aliens theory for the following reasons.

1. The ancients could not have built their magnificent structures with the primitive tools mainstream archaeologists claimed they used. For example, in the statues of Ramses II at Abu Simbel  the left side of Ramses face is the exact mirror image of the right side of Ramses face.

2. The structures on the Giza Plateau are much older than mainstream archaeologists believe they are. For example, in my opinion, the Great Sphinx is 50,000 years old.

Dr. Post, I read in the books that you have done speeches on the topic. Will you be doing more speeches or perhaps some radio interviews anytime soon?

I have no plans to do any radio interviews. However, I have been invited to speak at the Boston Archaeological Society and I have been invited to speak at Harvard University.


Have you contracted with Linda Cadose to be the subject of other books based on your knowledge of archaeology? If so, would you want to give my readers a little hint where you may be doing another dig?

Linda has my permission to chronicle all my digs. I’ll be going to the Holy Land to find the Tomb of Jesus.

Oh, fantastic! I look forward to reading that book too.

I noticed in Linda’s first book, The Hidden Chamber In The Great Sphinx  that you married a lady who had a son Matt. Matt seems very smart but had some physical problems. I sincerely hope he was not bullied, that seems such a problem today. Any thoughts about people who have different abilities?

Everyone in our society should be given every opportunity to succeed. Those who are physically or mentally challenged should have the same opportunities as everyone else.

A little sensitive subject here, Dr. Post but I must address it. I took note in Linda’s second book that you met someone else and was going to divorce your wife after you had gone through so much. You know I took exception to this fact. Can you explain to me why the subject was addressed in Linda’s book?  You were in some really hot water there and your children quite upset.

I told Linda to be frank about my life, no holes barred. I had a midlife crisis that hurt my family. I will be eternally grateful that my wife took me back.

Do you think by telling your story that children who like to read, Linda Cadose’s books, will relate? How so?

Linda and I have discussed children’s literature at length. We agree that children’s books should be educational as well as entertaining. I also agree that fun action/adventure novels can entice young people to read.

What advice would you give aspiring archaeologist?

A young person who aspires to be an archaeologist should read about the field and should speak to someone who is an archaeologist.

Good advice.

Ok some fun questions:
What was your favorite cartoon character growing up? Worst?

My favorite cartoon was Batman. I didn't like the Hulk.

Did you make mud pies or dig in the dirt when you were little?

I never made mud pies but I liked to play in the dirt as a child. I would pretend that I was on an archaeological dig.

Did you find buried  treasure as  a  kid?   Will you help me find my keys, I have lost them?

I never found any buried treasure, but if it was part of a dig that would be exciting.

That would be funny if my keys showed up in one of your digs.

If you could meet any famous person, who would it be and why?

I would have loved to have met Howard Carter, the man who found King Tut’s tomb.

Once again, thank you so much Dr. Post for allowing me to interview you.  I have found you to be an intriguing person and most fun.

~Naila Moon

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