Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Review of Brood X by Michael Phillip Cash

Being from the Midwest and especially from the country section, I know all about the noises of Spring and early Summer. It is not uncommon to hear birds, crickets and cicadas chirping their mating calls or for that matter to see them.

So, to read a book that puts the bugs, cicadas in the forefront of the story did not seem like it could be that big of deal. I could have not been any more wrong!

The thriller book, Brood X by Michael Phillip Cash starts out in a typical upscale suburbia with the characters of Seth and his wife, Laura. Seth has just bought a new camcorder and has found out Laura is pregnant with their first child. His intention is to use his camcorder to record Laura's pregnancy.

The story moves into anything but typical as they begin to hear stories of a great cicada invasion, dubbed Brood X, that is going to be hitting their area. The hype of it causes neighbors to begin preparing in mass as stores sell out of everything.  Seth ignores the warnings but appeases Laura with some things like a brand new freezer to stock food.

As the story unfolds, Laura's college friend, Marni and her husband, Dominic literally move in to Seth and Laura's lives. The inevitable drama ensues as they try to live together in some semblance of harmony. On one lazy afternoon of swimming pool side, the first of the invasion begins with a sting to Dominic's chest. From this first incident the plot thickens as more and more cicadas arrive.

Unprepared, Seth, Laura, Marni,  and Dominic find themselves in a dire situation where death and destruction seems to come commonplace. Sadness and fear are prominent in Seth and Laura's lives and replace the happiness they should be enjoying at this time during Laura's pregnancy.
Seth promises Laura that he will protect her and their unborn baby throughout and learns a bit about himself and the friends along the way. All the while everything about the brood invasion is documented on the camcorder.

What happens to Seth, Laura, their unborn baby, Marni and Dominic is left up to you my readers to find out for yourselves.

In many twists of writing, Michael Phillip Cash weaves a horrifying tale of what the real life brood of cicadas could be like when they wake up from a 17 year sleep. Although admittedly I am not a fan of the thriller genre, I found this book to be excellent and kept me wanting to read more.

This book:

~Naila Moon

Disclosure: I received a Kindle edition of this book for my open and honest opinion. The opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

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