Friday, May 31, 2013

Review of "No Laughing Allowed" Part 1

Before I get into this this review, I have to confess an admission of an omission.
These ladies that wrote this book I am about to tell you about sent me a Kindle version a few months ago of their book.

I read their book as soon as I received it. I like to do this because that way I am ready to write about them right away as the books come up in my scheduled ques. Here is where I messed up. I did not write the review! I did not schedule it...nothing! What happened here, I am not sure.

I do wish to apologize to you ladies as I have never done that before. As it turns out, I had to read it again had been too long since I read it last. sigh...Forgive me will you?

You my dear readers are about to find out though why even after a second read, due to my error. it was worth it.

Now, go on to part 2 of this review.
~Naila Moon

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