Monday, January 26, 2015

#WintersRespite Read-a-thon Kick Off

Here we go, another read-a-thon! This is my official kick off post.

I love this one and from this gal as she has several read-a-thons throughout the year which, of course, is very nice. This read-a-thon, like others, also includes great prizes to be won.

The other nice thing is the title of the read-a-thon. It lends itself to cuddling up with good books even though the snow or weather outside might be frightful! It gives us time to enjoy them and in my case review them.

My plans this time are a bit two fold as Multicultural Book Day starts tomorrow. I will be reading and reviewing multicultural books all week. Stay tuned for all of that!

My list as of now:
  1. A Shelter In Our Car
  2. Grandfather Counts
  3. Baseball Saved Us
  4. Crazy Horse
  5. If You Were Me and Lived In Hungary
  6. If You Were Me and Lived In Scotland

Happy reading! ~Naila Moon

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