Friday, January 23, 2015

It's Friday Book Nook Time! #booknooks

It is Friday Book Nook Time. The weekly post where I show you some of the coolest and maybe not so coolest places to read.  Check out these two picks this week.

I like the one on the left as it is a small space but the books hanging from the ceiling make it very cool and cozy. That pillow is awesome! Or at least I think it is a pillow.

I like the one on the right even though it is a bigger space. The pops of read are great and the low-ness of the couch and tables just screams, "read here!"  I love the wallpaper as it looks like you could just pluck a book right off of the shelf. Awesome!

Well, that is the book nooks for this week. Would you like me to share your nook? Comment below and I will check it out!

Happy Reading! ~Naila Moon

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