Monday, January 5, 2015

Quick post! Endings and Beginnings in 2015 #ChristmasSpirit #boutofbooks

Happy first Monday of 2015! I hope all are well today. Please say yes!
Today is full of books and all sorts of stuff. I cannot begin to tell you.

I have started the #BoutofBooks Read-a-thon. This is simply another great read-a-thon to get those TBR piles down to manageable, win some stuff, and meet great people. If you want to join in, simply click the photo below.

Bout of Books

I am also today preparing myself to end the #ChristmasSpirit Reading Challenge which ends tomorrow, Epiphany. It is always hard for me to let the Christmas season go.  It is just as tough to let this challenge go as it was fun to read strictly Christmas/Holiday books. However, Michelle says to keep it all year long. I agree with that whole-heartily!

Soon though, there will be #WinterRespite, so I can't be too sad.

Off to read and enjoy the day.
Peace and happy reading!
~Naila Moon

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