Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Read-a-thon updates. #WintersRespite

I totally blew the @boutofbooks read-a-thon. I mean I read books, sure I did. I even attended the Twitter party, which was totally fun. I met some new people including a gal all the way from Serbia...Russia...oh, dang...somewhere around there. Sorry! Anyway, cool beans!!
So, I started off great but then it went all down hill from there.

I don't know what happened but...ok, I do. I simply let everything else get in the way and did not take it seriously enough. Ah well...next time! Really, I promise!

As it turns out it is once again time for the Winter Respite read-a-thon. So, I guess next time is here?
Right on the heals and during the same week is Multicultural Day. I am so excited!
So, join me will you?

Happy Reading!
Naila Moon


  1. I'm definitely part of #WintersRespite , but first, National Readathon Day Jan 24th [Sat] from noon til 4 pm...
    tweeting at #timetoread if you're interested :)

  2. What is this all about? I mean what do you have to do?


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