Friday, October 7, 2016

Review: Broom Mates by Margie Palatini/ Illustrated by Howard Fine #Halloween 7/31

Preparing for the big Monster Mash can be tiring, and Gritch the Witch needs her shut-eye. No sooner does she shoo away the bedbugs and curl up for a good night's sleep than there's a knock at the door. Its Mag the Hag, her bossy big sister, come a day early for the party. Can they survive being broom mates for an entire day?

My review:
This is a humorous book with a ton of play on words and jokes. The title alone sets the mood for the entire book.
The writing was simply fantastic and very clever. I never have had sisters but my brothers and I often fussed. The things these sisters compete about is hilarious.

What is really fantastic about this book is the large, over-the-top, illustrations that are down right side splitting. The illustrator and author matched perfectly together. I particularly liked the pages with the dust bunnies and them sharing the bed...funny! Also, the characterization of these two were a hoot as well. If opposites could be related, these two are that!

No doubt that kids would love to read this over and over.
This book gets 5 stars from me.


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