Thursday, October 8, 2015

#Review: Will Allen and the Great Monster Detective by Jason Edwards #kidsbooks, #monsters, #DetectiveStories

Will Allen may be one of the smallest boys at Ashford Middle School, but he is also one of the smartest. But cleverness alone isn't enough to help him when monsters infest his room! 
Together with his friend Jeannine Fitsimmons, Will searches fruitlessly for help, until a strange business card appears, instructing them how to summon Bigelow Hawkins, the Great Monster Detective. With Bigelow's help, along with the use of his very special monster-fighting instruments, the RevealeR and the MonsterScope, Will must learn how to conquer his monsters and reveal the secret of the dreaded HIDDEN BEAST before it's too late.

My review:

This book is an award winning book and I can see why. I know a few kids who like detective/mystery kinds of stories and this book delivers. 

All kids at some point have some kind of fear. One of the biggest fears ever is just knowing that there is a monster hiding under the bed. The main character Allen is convinced of this and needs help.
Mysteriously, a small looking character arrives to help out. But who is he  and what does he want for payment? Ah, now that is what you, my readers, have to discover for yourself.

Kid's normal fears, like huge, ugly monsters, or maybe a bully, are all in this book. However, the author cleverly shows children that they can be brave and help themselves to conquer their fears. In fact, throughout  this entire book the author is a master at this fete.

Eventually, the fears go away and children can see, as Allen does, that they too can help others.

I loved this book! It is the beginning of an entire series based on Will and it is sure to please series that I hope to read more of.
5 stars!

Disclosure: I purchased a Kindle copy of this book. The review here is 100% my own and may differ from yours. ~Naila Moon

Where to find the author:

Mom's Choice Award winning author, Jason Edwards is a man of many hats, including storyteller, developer and performer of children's programs, father, coach, and athlete.   Mr. Edwards is also an authority on children's anxieties, possessing a B.S. in Psychology, a M.A. in Education, and more than 20 years of experience helping children.  In fact, he wrote his first chapter book for young readersWill Allen and the Great Monster Detective, which is a frightfully funny mix of Ghostbusters and Monsters Inc., in order to help children overcome phobias by inspiring them to confront their fears and metaphorically modeling steps they can take to control anxiety.


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