Tuesday, October 20, 2015

#Review: The Notebook of Doom:Pop of the Bumpy Mummy by Troy Cummings #kidsbooks, #Scholastic

A creepy mummy monster is on the loose in Stermont!

Alexander's class goes on a field trip to the history museum. The students have been learning about the legend of the bumpy mummy in class. But then Alexander thinks he sees the REAL bumpy mummy walking around! The famous Ruby Scorpion gets stolen from the museum, too! And what are those strange popping noises?! Alexander and his friends will have to work fast to stop Stermont's latest monster!

My review:
This is the first chapter book in an entire series that I have read, this is book number six. I can tell from this one that the books are stand alone but do refer to previous books and events of the characters.

I love a good mystery type book and I know that any budding sleuth is going to love this one. The book is aimed at first through third-grade students. It is written in such a way to help emerging students read what they like but to read well.

I like the illustrations are on every page but only enhance the reading and not clutter the pages. I also like that the book is written in bolder type so that children can see clearly the words that are written on the pages. A unique feature of the book is that it is totally in black and white which gives the whole idea of a "notebook." Did I happen to mention that the author is also the illustrator?

The characters themselves are a small group with quirky mannerism. They have formed this small club-like that seeks out monsters. The "notebook" keeps their thought processes as well as monsters they find in kid-like drawings and information.

All in all, I loved this book and cannot wait to get my hands on more of this series.

5 stars!

Disclosure: I purchased a copy of this book for my own collections. The views here are 100% my own and may differ from yours. ~Naila Moon

Where to find the author:
Troy Cummings has written/illustrated a truckload of books, including THE NOTEBOOK OF DOOM, a series about a town full of monsters, and GIDDY-UP, DADDY! the story of a man who's mistaken for a horse.

He has also illustrated LITTLE RED GLIDING HOOD by Tara Lazar, MIGHTY TRUCK by Chris Barton, and MORE BEARS! by Kenn Nesbitt.

In addition to books, Troy's illustrations have appeared on:

> Animated backdrops for an opera
> A package of fish sticks
> Jigsaw puzzles
> iPad pop-up books
> A poster warning people about germs
> A poster warning people about a film festival
> A cookbook for dogs
> A thing for the humane society
> A card game about hiking
> Newspapers, magazines and greeting cards

Troy Cummings lives in Greencastle, Indiana with his nice family and mean cat.



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  2. Thanks for sharing this book, Naila. It is perfect for Halloween and sounds like something my 7 year old grandson would enjoy.

  3. What a great book for Halloween, Naila! The Bumpy Mummy--A great title. Thanks for sharing.


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