Friday, October 16, 2015

#Review and #Giveaway: You Rule! : Create Your Own Country by Scott Forbes and Emma Laura Jones #kidsbooks

Think you can run a nation? You Rule!: Create Your Own Country  shows ambitious young leaders (ages 8+) how to create a new nation completely from scratch. Decide on laws, establish borders, design a flag, gain citizen support and more. Be king, queen, chief, emperor, president or dictator – you decide, because right here, right now, you rule!

My review:
I have always said that I was bidding for my takeover of the Universe. I have always thought I would make a great Supreme Leader. Why not? Well, now I know how to create my own country and your child (or you) can too in this adorable book.

The authors diligently let kids know how they could create their own country even if it was the size of their bedroom. Each page is filled with fun and colorful illustration that takes the reader step by step in how to create the perfect country.

The book is also packed full of information of former leaders of the world, areas that are still available, and loads more. In addition, there is information on how to get or make things that  a budding "King", "Queen" or "Supreme Leader" may need. You know, like a flag or currency!

You know, as I look out my window, there is a piece of land just waiting to be claimed. Maybe...
I love this book!

5 Hails to the Authors!

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book for my open and honest opinion. The views expressed here are 100% my own and may differ from yours. (Supreme Leader) Naila Moon

This book is among a few books by this group and is part of a book tour. Check them all out!

Would you like to win a cool $25 in Paypal to maybe help finance your own "country". Just enter in the Rafflecopter below. Note: I am not responsible for the giveaway and only posting as part of the tour.

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Renee C. said...

Hahaha! Love your review! Thanks so much for taking part in the "Lonely Planet Kids" Blog Tour, Naila. So glad you enjoyed the book. Looking forward to your leadership. ;-)