Monday, July 28, 2014

High Summer Read-a-thon Wrap Up & a Check Off Of My List

High Summer Read-a-Thon
Well, the weeks read-a-thon  ended yesterday. I wish I could say I managed to get my TBR pile down to a minimum but alas, I did not. What I did do was get a couple of books down and reviewed. I read  approximately two others but have not reviewed them yet.

The biggest thing I did was accomplish my goal of reading 52 books before the end of the year. Should I have set my goal higher? Anyway, I did it and can cross that off of my list of goals for this year.
However, does that mean I am done? Heck, no!

I am looking forward to seeing how many books I actually finish with by years end. The 'High Summer Read-a-thon' helped me to reach that goal and this coming winter for the 'Winters Respite' will only help to surpass it. I may join the 'Fall Fright Read-a-thon" too.

Thanks to the sponsors who are giving out books and other prizes but most of all, thank you to our organizer, Michelle, who organizes these events.

Now, off to read some more!


  1. Thanks for joining me, Naila! I'm glad you met your goal for the year. My goal is set at 75 and I'm 10 books behind. Not sure if I'll make it or not. Only time will tell.

    I see the FrightFall button in your sidebar so I hope that means you will be joining us again. :)


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