Sunday, May 4, 2014

Review: Where the Daisies Grow by Denise A Bloomfield & Diana R. Starr Illustrated by Richard S. Starr

Meet Buddy. He's a little dog on a big farm with some very, very big dogs. Poor Buddy has no friends...until a very curious little kitten comes to the farm and helps Buddy learn the meaning of true friendship.

My Review:

Buddy is a small dog and is lonely on the farm after his mother was taken away to college with the farmer's daughter. New big dogs are brought in to guard the farm and Buddy tries everything he can to be friends with them and the other farm animals.  His antics get him in trouble and no friends.

Tabitha, a sweet kitten who has begun roaming the yard and staying in the daisies, teaches Buddy that life is sweeter when you are yourself.

This is the second book by Denise A. Bloomfield and Diana R. Starr who seem to have a winning combination as authors. 

This sweet little chapter book's messages are loud and clear for children; be yourself, friendship can be found in the most likeliest of places and sometimes being brave does not mean you have to be big.

The type setting was big and easily readable for young readers and the illustrations for each chapter were fun and bright. This is for ages for approximately 7+.

It should be mentioned that a nice plus for this book is discussion questions at the back of the book. There are only four but it still lends itself for teacher's reading circles or the homeschooling parents.

This book receives 5 stars.

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