Saturday, April 1, 2017

Review: Aboard A Paper Plane by Joseph and Allison Kelly #A #A-ZBlogChalleng

Husband-and-wife duo Joseph & Allison Kelly present Aboard a Paper Plane – a quirky, whip-smart collection of forty-eight illustrated poems. At once whimsical, incisive, and laugh-out-loud funny, these poems are sure to spark the imagination of the child in all of us!

My review:
This sweet little gem of a book is so quirky that I never knew what the authors were going to write about with just a turn of the page. You might find the slickest igloo salesman on the planet, a giant bear talking with a tiny ant, interesting dead people's epitaphs, or you just might be riding on a paper airplane.

Some poems are just a few lines while others are a few paragraphs. All of them made me go "hmm", while others caused me to laugh out loud. The poems do not always rhyme and that is a-okay! I loved this book of poetry and I think you will too.
4 stars.

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Marie Moody said...

hMMMM Just not an avid reader here... but it's good to know somebody is. hahahaha I'm putting up mine in a few minutes, but I need to know where to sign up. Nobody will tell me :(