Friday, March 17, 2017

#Review & #Giveaway: How To Find Your Dream Dog by Dixie Tenny #nonfiction

How To Find Your Dream Dog is here to fix the disconnect of dog ownership. It walks you step-by-step through the process of choosing the right type of dog for you—not only exploring the canine qualities that can determine your perfect puppy, adolescent, or adult dog but also assessing your lifestyle to make sure you’re a good match for the dog too. The book also looks at good (and bad) sources for finding healthy and sound pet dogs, gives guidelines for evaluating individual puppies, and warns of some red flags to watch out for during your dog search. With this guidebook in hand, you can be confident that the next puppy or dog you bring home will be the right companion and friend for you for the rest of its days.

My review:
I have been wanting a dog for awhile now. I do realize that there are all sorts of sizes of dogs and breeds but other than that, not much more do I know. Reading this book, opened my eyes to many things a potential dog owner should think about. 

The author wrote a comprehensive book in just a few pages, less than 150 to be exact. She includes everything from breed types, to temperament, to care, and owner lifestyle. She is quick to point out that a new puppy is like having a new baby in the house, it takes time and patience to train to be with you and your household. The author is quick to tell the reader that this puppy is meant to be with you for the rest of its life. This is the sole purpose of the book so that the owner picks the right dog for him/her and does not have to return the dog to a shelter.

The author's years of training dogs are exemplified throughout the entire book and is a good guide to picking just the right dog. For this purpose, it is worth buying the book.

The only negative that I do have is that the book is meant to be just a guide. For reading other than that, it serves no other purpose. Also, the book could have been shortened even further into a novelettish or pamphlet size if the pages had been written in 12 point font and not larger font. The larger font to extend the book was unnecessary. 

3 stars.

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Where to find the author:

​Dixie Tenny is a Certified Training Partner with the Karen Pryor Academy of Animal Training and Behavior. During her 30+ years spent working with people and their pets, she has seen again and again how mismatches between dog and its owner can create “behavior problems” that never would have happened if the right dog had been matched to the right owner in the first place. She wrote this book to help puppy buyers and dog adopters start out on the best possible foot with their new pet dogs, and stay on that path for years to come.
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~M.M. Hudson aka Naila Moon

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Dixie said...

Thanks for reviewing my book "How to Find Your Dream Dog," and for recommending it as a good guide to use when looking for a puppy or dog. Best of luck to you and your readers!