Thursday, March 23, 2017

A-Z Blog Challenge Theme Reveal 2017 #atozchallenge

Hello, all. It is approaching April again and that means it is time to do the annual A-Z Blog Challenge that I participate in every year. This year I thought I would change it up and do something different but alas, my mind says, "nope!"

So, what am I going to do? Well, that is the whole purpose of the theme reveal. Of course, me, being me, is a bit behind as we were supposed to reveal on Monday and here it is Thursday. Okay, okay, I plain forgot that we do this and barely am remembering that it is almost April.

So, get on with it...right?

Here it big reveal...drum roll, please

...I said, DRUM ROLL!   bah, dah, dah,

I am doing a children's book review every day beginning with the letter of the day. 

1. I reserve the right to leave off the words: the, a, and an
However, I also reserve the right to keep them if it fits the letter of the day. HA!
2. The review will likely not be as extensive as I usually would write for a book. This means I may or may not add the author or his/her links to a buy now page. The only exception to that will be if it is a book tour that I am part of.
3. There may or may not be giveaways attached to a book, again depending on if I am with a tour.
4. Some of the books that I will be reviewing will come from my own TBR pile and others will come from the library. All will get an Amazon review.
5. If you comment with a link, I will come visit your page and reciprocate. I appreciate you commenting and reading as I am sure you do too.
6. If you would like to be added to my sidebar linky for this challenge, let me know in a comment only with your link and I will add. I will not add however any kind of adult theme related links. This is to my discretion after I visit your blog.

HAPPY BLOGGING! Until then, keep visiting my page for new reviews, spotlights, and giveaways!


John Holton said...

Looks like a good topic! Hope it goes well.

John Holton
A to Z Challenge Co-Host
The Sound Of One Hand Typing

Arlee Bird said...

Smart to link to the Amazon review. Your theme is like providing a service to those looking for children's books.

Have a great A to Z Challenge!

Arlee Bird
Tossing It Out