Monday, July 11, 2016

#Review: Uh-Oh! by Robert Fulghum #humor #AdultBooks

"Uh-oh" is more than a momentary reaction to small problems. "Uh-oh" is an attitude -- a perspective on the universe. 

My review:
In this funny narrative, the author speaks candidly about everything from eating late night, made up food concoctions to a mysterious secretary he had which as it turns out, is a figment of his imagination. Each tale he tells throughout the book is wildly colorful and almost too good to be true but in truth, it is. He tells his stories so funny that I could hardly keep from busting out laughing. To me what made his stories even funnier, other than that they were true, is he tells them also from the side of his profession which happens to be not just author, but minister! My mother being a minister makes this all the more hilarious. I can just picture some of the people, like the bride with the hiccups! This was a fun read that I read in 1 1/2 days! I give it 5 stars and want to read more from this author. Disclosure: I picked up a copy of this book for my own collections. The views here are 100% my own and may differ from yours. ~M.M. aka Naila Moon

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