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#Review: If You Were Me and Lived In...Series: India/Italy/Greece/Portugal by Carole P. Roman #Multicultural #DiverseBooks #CarolePRomanBooks

I love the "If You Were Me and Lived In..." series of books by Carole P. Roman. I am privileged to have almost the entire collection from around the world. This conglomerate of a review is for four more books in the series: Italy, India, Greece, and Portugal. 

As with all of her books from this series, she follows a general format which includes: city capital, name for parents, names for children, money used,foods eaten, places to visit, school name, holidays, and glossary of terms in the back.

Check out below the summary for each and what I have to say about each of these award winning books. Each of these books are 5 star books to me.

Disclosure: I received these books in exchange for my open and honest opinion. The views expressed here are 100% my own and may differ from yours. ~M.M. aka Naila Moon

Let's travel to India! Land of bright colors and delicious spices, If You Were Me and Lived in...India, takes young readers on a road trip to learn about this interesting place. Children will learn how to say mommy and daddy, what type of currency is used, games that youngsters play and a lot of interesting facts about the beautiful land of India.

My review:
I am off to India, well, at least by book. I was very interested in this book because my Mom had a friend who was from India. She gave her two sari, one for Mom and one for me. We still have them this many years later. Also, Mother Teresa, my hero, lived there and took care of the people.

This time I find out that India is one of the second most populated countries in the world. I did not know that! In fact, I found out loads more that I did not know.
Of course, I learned the terms for Mom and Dad, where to go to school, and the favorite sport.

Even though I have take geography in college, I did not know about India's geographical nature of placement. How cool is that!

Join Carole P. Roman as she visits the Republic of Italy. Learn what it is like to live in Rome, see the famous architecture, celebrate a favorite holiday and discover popular names for both boys and girls. Be fascinated with it's diverse and rich history and colorful traditions. On the way, you might learn a word or two in Italian!

My review:
I was lucky enough to visit Italy in 2000. So, I thought it would be interesting to read this book about Italy from a kid's perspective.
I had to smile at the author's dedication where she thanks the pizza place for help. Pizza is so different tasting in Italy but good none-the-less. Of course, as with all of the author's books, she mentions different foods one might eat. There are a lot of them in this book.

One of the places that is mentioned in the book is the Coliseum, although I have seen it, I did not know the complete information about it, like it was built by three different emperors or that sometimes,it was flooded. I learn something every day!

I also found out there is an important holiday that comes up on August 15th but you will have to read the book to find out what that is.

This was a fun read for me and yes, I did learn a little more Italian!

 In If You Were Me and Lived in…Greece , early learners get a taste of what their life would be like if they lived in Greece while being introduced to the birthplace of democracy. This exciting visit to Greece also introduces the important concept of democracy to children and highlights some of the other cultural contributions that Greece has made to Western civilization.

My review:
Greece is a place that I have always thought would be an interesting place to visit. After all, this is where the Olympics started! IT is interesting to know why it started and of course that too, is in this book.

I have seen and listened to the composer Yani who is from Greece. He did a famous production there in one of the places mentioned in the book.

I have a friend who is from Greece (boy can she cook, I love Greek food!) Her grand-daughter calls her Ya-Ya which is the names the author tells about in the book. You would have to read the book to find out what Mom, Dad, and Grandpa are called!

In this book, like others, the author mentions foods to eat. Bring it on, I say!  

After reading this book, maybe I need to get a ticket and go visit.What a wonderful overview of the country and simple understanding of where our countries political system stems from.

 Carole P. Roman travels to beautiful Portugal. This pro active book invites children to think about Portugal's many wonders from the sunny Azores to the wide variety of food.

My review:
I think I would love to travel to Portugal. According to the book, it is located on the ocean, which I love, and right next to another country. Basically, Portugal was a  trade route, one of course I heard about in college but did not remember until I read this book.
The views also mentioned in the book speak to me! It says they are a natural paradise. Of course reading the book will tell you what they are.

I liked that some of the photos were juxtaposed alongside of the cartoon characters. That is really cool.

It was fun to learn words that you would say in the language to ones Mom and Dad. I know no Portuguese so, trying out the words was fun and having that glossary in the back makes it easier.

The book also mentioned a fun holiday that I would surely like to visit and enjoy. 

Overall, I liked this book and it is just one of the many places that would be great to see. Heck, I would probably take the book with me just to compare!

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  1. These look awesome! We've found the "Living In..." series which is good, but aimed at very young readers. We've also really enjoyed the "Bella & Harry" series, but these look more fact based. Thank you for sharing!

    1. She has a newer series out for older children.


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