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#Review: Crazy Horse's Vision by Joseph Bruchac/Illustrated by S.D. Nelson #ReadYourWorld #MCCBD

Crazy Horse is among the best known Native American heroes. Yet many people do not know his boyhood name was Curly, inspired by his curly hair.
Curly was a leader even as a young boy, taming wild horses and hunting powerful buffalo. But all his bravery could not prepare him for the trouble he and the other Lakota Indians would face with the white settlers. Wanting to help his people after a fierce battle that mortally wounded Chief Conquering Bear, Curly defied traditional custom and risked his own life by running away, up to the hills, to seek a vision.
Renowned Abenaki author Joseph Bruchac tells a gripping and compelling story of how the dedicated young boy, Curly, grows into the brave warrior Crazy Horse.

My review:
As with many other people I have heard or at least known about the legend of Crazy Horse and his fierce battles. I especially have know about the Battle of Little Big Horn with Custer's defeat. 

What I did not know was Crazy Horse had another name given to him as a child or the fact his adult name was actually after his father, Tashunka Witco. "Crazy Horse" is the English translation of his name and most well know. The origins of names always fascinate me.

I was impressed to find out the many things about Crazy Horse that lead him to the person he is known as today. I will not reveal all but one most impressive was that he was actually a very gentle man among his people. That is a truly different picture of the man, isn't it?

The book was fantastic in itself but the added illustrations are top notch. The pictures, according to the illustrator, whom writes in the back of the book, were all done with acrylics on wood. He did them in the traditional style of ledger books from the Lakota people using the same colors the nation would use. To me, that adds to the authenticity of the book.

This book is without a doubt a 5 star book for me. The book also won the Parent's Choice Gold Award and should be on all children's books shelves.

Disclosure: I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my open and honest opinion. The views expressed here are 100% my own and may differ from yours. 
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Activities to go along with this book:
1. Have children research the meaning of their name and Lakota alphabet symbols. Taking colored pencil and lined paper, have the individual child draw symbols that they think represent their name. Find More HERE and HERE

2. Talk about visions. What does it mean? Have children write a dream that they have had and illustrate it.

3. Talk about how Crazy Horse was very brave. Ask children how they think they are brave. Find out about others who might be brave. 

4. Have children research about the Lakota Nation. What does their name mean? Have them tell another person about them. If possible, visit a Pow Wow and seek out the Lakota people. Listen to their stories.



  1. This book is in my "must read" pile and I am thrilled to hear you liked it! Joseph Bruchac is an amazing author too. Thanks for sharing and participating in MCCBD2016!

  2. I like this book too! Great story and illustrations.


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