Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Review: Hello, Bali:A Kids Yoga Island Adventure Book by Giselle Shardlow/ Illustrated by Emily Gedzyk

Say good day to the magical island of Bali! Join Anamika, one of the Yoga Kids, as she travels with her family to Bali, Indonesia. Surf like a surfer, dance like a Balinese dancer, and sit like a monkey.

My review:

This is the second yoga book from this author, for kids, that I have had the pleasure of reading.
With this book as with her other books, you meet kids that take the reader on an adventure. This time it is Anamika who is from India.

With each page turn there are a few words and very bold colorful pictures. In a circle located on the right lower side the reader finds  Anamika who is demonstrating a yoga position for kids to follow. This of course relates to the words that have been read on each page. Key words bolded in dark letters match these yoga poses.

I really love how this book as well as her entire series of books encourages kids to do things in a three-fold manner. That is read, exercise, and imagine. In the case of this book, they get to "travel" to somewhere they may never have been.

A nice addition that Ms. Shardlow has in her books is the parent-teacher guide in the back of her books. She re-lists all of the keywords along with the name of the pose and a demonstration of the pose.

A fun thing I loved most about this book was that Ms. Shardlow also included the numbers as well as phrases in English with Indonesian translation. For example: the number 10 is pronounced as Sepuluh.

This book is targeted for 2-5 year olds which is spot on because of the simplicity of the words and poses.

5 stars!  Sampai jumpa.Terima kasih. (Translation: See you later. Thank you.)
~Naila Moon

Disclosure: I received this book in exchange for my open and honest review. The review here is 100% my own opinions and may differ from yours.

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