Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Review: Who Was Jim Henson? By Joan Holub

Jim Henson broke into television with a five-minute puppetry segment when he was only a freshman in college. He created puppets like none ever seen before, with expressive fabric faces and rod-controlled arms. His Muppets became world-renowned celebrities and formed the backbone of a media empire. With black-and-white illustrations throughout, this easy-to-read biography will be published twenty years after Henson's untimely death. 

My Review:
If you know about the Muppets in any capacity, then you know Jim Henson. Or do you? This book begins with Jim Henson as a child and takes you all the way through up to his death. 

I learned much more about the man and his family beyond his beloved Muppets and yet, I learned about them too. How he eventually came about to have and subsequently make the puppets turned "Muppets". I learned how he even came up with the name. I learned that he used to draw cartoon characters when he was quite young and so much more.

I grew up with Sesame Street and all the Muppets as did my children. I have adored this man for many years. Yes, I remember when he died and was able to witness the most wonderful funeral ever known complete with Big Bird.

 Did you know that Big Bird was supposed to be Jim Henson instead of Frank Oz? Read the book and find out why.

I loved this book and I know you will too. Get to know the man behind the Muppets, Jim Henson!

5 stars!

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  1. I think this is a book I'd enjoy since I love the Muppets, especially Statler And Waldorf, and The Swedish Chef.

  2. Ah, I love Jim Henson. Thanks for bringing this one to my attention :)

  3. I'll definitely have to read this book. A friend of mine who knew him before he died, said that JIm Henson as nice a can be. I always loved his work. Thanks for sharing this with the Kid Lit Blog Hop

  4. What a wonderful book. It will be going on our to read list. Thanks so much for joining us at the Kid Lit blog Hop

  5. Jim Henson was such a positive influence on children's media, a biography such as this should be an excellent read. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I remember watching the Muppets every Sunday night and Sesame Street everyday when I was little. Such an inspiring and creative man!

  7. Joan Holub wrote that book?! I had no idea! I love Jim Henson (who doesn't!?) Thanks for sharing this book in the Kid Lit Blog Hop!


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