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Review of Good Morning, World by Mrs. D.

Glide gently into the beautiful morning with Baby Thomas and his grandpa. The sun is shining brightly through the wide window and the flowers, trees, birds, and other creatures have already started their day. Brilliant colors of the dawning day wake up the park, and Baby Thomas is ready for a walk. While walking in the park with his grandpa, they see the same things but from a different perspective. Baby Thomas wants to hug the wonderful world around him, but his grandpa has a different opinion. In this book, young readers will easily connect to the wonders of nature and unforgettable characters, playfully interacting with each other. Join happy Baby Thomas and his grandpa for a walk and have a delightful, uplifting morning! 

My review:

At first I thought this book was meant to be for babies and a picture book. The summary seemed to lend itself to that fact and the bold, beautiful, and colorful photos. The sentences and the words "Good Morning" throughout the book were also repetitive which also leans itself towards this conclusion.

What this book really is, is a simple book to read to children or a book for the beginning reader who would still need help with words. Every other page is filled with paragraphs and not just a few simple words. 

In addition, I would think that a younger child who is being told he or she is a "big girl or boy" would be somewhat turned off by the main character being a "baby".

Having said that though, I find the story to be cute and annoying at the same time. Here is an adorable little boy named Thomas, who is having the adventure of his life enjoying everything in his world. At first you think that he is old enough to be actually talking to the flowers, dog etc. However, you find out later that in truth, his is a little fantasy world wrapped up in real world things. 

Grandpa on the other hand sees the world as a major problem. Everything he does from the time he wakes up until the end of the walk with Thomas is a bother. He does not seem to even interact much with Little Thomas which is a major annoyance for me. I think that is too bad because Thomas is having such a good time and Grandpa could have easily been drawn into his world. This of course is author prerogative.

I give this book 3 stars because I did like the book even with the issues I had with it but not enough to give it higher.

Note and disclosure: In all fairness, this book was awarded the Mom's Choice Award. 
This review was 100% my own opinion based upon the reading of the book. My opinion may differ from yours.

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