Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New Blog & Facebook name change!

I have decided to rebrand my blog to fit not only the  my blog link but also to be more noticeable.
My original blog name, "Once Upon A Time" was good and I did like it but it did not encompass all that I read.

The name Once Upon A Time screamed, just children's lit, which I do read a ton of, but I read adult books too. The other thing is, on Facebook and Blogger I was having to limit myself due to a TV program calling itself by the same name. Finding me is kind of a nightmare. So, thus the name change to Reading Authors.

My link never has changed and thus now, everything matches. As you can see, I have changed my banner and my blog button which I would be happy if you grab and put on your blog.

Come join me now into the pages of the authors...won't you?

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