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Review of "The Ancient Secret of the Leprechauns" by Elfa Books

Long ago, during the time of the dinosaurs, three leprechauns—D’Arcy, Lorcan, and Scully—built a hidden home on the top of a mountain inside of a gigantic boulder. For millions of years, the three friends have risen each day to greet the sun and set sail to their secret island at the end of the rainbow, where they play all day in a sparkling pool of gold. But when the leprechauns forget to secure their island before leaving one evening, they are in for a terrible surprise the next day—the gold is gone! D’Arcy, Lorcan, and Scully will have to face rough seas, sharks, a gigantic sea monster, a massive octopus, and the dreaded Captain Sea Gore and his pirate crew in their quest to recover the treasure. It’s up to Squawky the rainbow bird to teach the friends how to work together—and that through teamwork and perseverance, they can overcome any obstacles that come their way.

My review:
As with his previous two book, Mahamad ElFakir spins tales that akin to the tall tales of old with a modern twist. In this book, three lively leprechaun friends live in a secret place and take aventures to a secret island to play in their stashed secret gold. Unfortunately, one of them forgets to push the secret button to re-stash the gold causing their whole world to be turned upside down.

This sets up a journey that finds them battling the elements and evil pirates who have stolen the gold. As with Mr. Elfakir's previous books there is always an underlying moral to the story which in this case is if you work as a team, you can solve the problems set before you.

Although extremely far-fetched, children will like this book. They will find the adventures funny, the pictures wonderful, and yes, they will also get the moral of the story too. In truth, this is spelled out pretty clearly this time as the author tends to repeat himself a bit.

This book is not for the beginning reader, nor meant as a picture book. This book is for the child who can read fairly well but still might need help with a few unknown words. I think if anything was to be added to this book it might have been a glossary at the end for a boost in the vocabulary unerstanding.

4 Stars.

Disclosure: I bought a Kindle copy of this book. The review expressed here is 100% my own and may differ with yours.

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