Thursday, September 12, 2013

Review of Blueberry Bubble Gum by Mahamad Ali ElFakir

Blueberry Bubble Gum is the tale of Max who is freshly out of second grade and looking forward to hanging out with friends and playing baseball. He has usually nothing on his mind except baseball that includes telling the truth.

Max's father brings home a magic bag of blueberry bubble gum which he tells Max not to chew unless he knows the rules about doing so. Of course Max's curiosity gets the best of him and he ends up chewing several pieces.

When his mom finds out she is very upset with him because he lied about chewing the gum and did not follow the rules. However, his mom's anger turns to concern when Max gets sick and ends up floating away on a blueberry bubble that comes out the seat of his pants.

Max is then taken to the magical kingdom of Blueberry Bubble Gum World where he must complete a task and learn important lessons before he can return home.

Will Max learn his lessons about not following rules and lying? Will he ever get home?
Read this book and find out.


I really thought this was a well written and cute book. The author was able to wrap fantasy, humor, and life's lessons all in one book.It is for the older child who knows how to read so about first grade level up.  The photos that are included only enhance the story itself.

Children will get a kick out of the bubble coming out of the pants and for sure will have some giggles at the thought of this happening. They will also strongly get the whole point of the story because the message is quite clear. I know I did. 

I give this book: 5 stars!
~Naila Moon
Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book for my open and honest opinion. The words expressed her are 100% my own
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  1. Hello. Thank you so very much for the kind review. I am very happy that you enjoyed the book! Take Care, Mahamad Ali ElFakir


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