Thursday, August 1, 2019

Swing by Kwame Alexander Part 2 Activities #BLINK Summer Reading Tour

From the Urban dictionary: "HUG LIFE-
A way of life in which rather than let someone push you around, you hug anyone who stands in your way..."

Recently, I wrote a REVIEW about the book, Swing. I will wait while you check it out. *play elevator music*  I suggest you get you a copy if you would like to. This is marketed as a YA book but I think an older preteen would understand the concepts here too.

Today I want to follow up with the book by giving you some ideas/activities you could do to go along with the book.

1. Start a petition about something that is unjust. Get signatures for it and send it to your local congressperson.

2. Visit your grandparents or visit a nursing home. Video a conversation with them asking about events in their life that you might not know about. Make sure to ask how they might have met their spouse or significant person in their life. Revisit as you can.

3. Research love letters back from the 19th century or before. Make some art based on those letters.

4. In the book, "Swing" embraces the "HUG LIFE" and has it tattooed on his arm. Write some positive  messages on some sticky notes along with #HUGLIFE and post them around your town.

5. Start a conversation on social media simply by posting the poster below. Remind people that this is a positive only post.

6. Volunteer to work with veterans. Talk with them what is important to them.

7.. Start a club...even with just two people. Read the book Swing and discuss how you can make a difference in your school. Or how you can be a friend to someone who needs it. Invite others to join.

8. Learn about different cultures and religions different from your own.  Plan a bbq at a local park, ask your neighbors to come, Ask local police departments if they will host the bbq and promote it around town. Have information via posters about what you learned around the park.

9. Make a poster that says, "Free Hugs" on it. Stand out on the street somewhere and give them out.

10. Be a friend. Simply remember that everyone is different and that you can learn something from everyone.

Happy reading and living the #HugLife,


Online Reputation Management said...

I just finished listening to the audiobook, and if you have the chance to do the same, I highly recommend it! Author Kwame Alexander reads it himself and brings the story to life, and I loved the jazz music played in between chapters

Michelle aka Naila Moon said...

Thanks but I did read the book and I don't do audiobooks.

Mike Garlick said...

ok w o w I am just overwhelmed with all the feelings I have about this book!! Love it!

Michelle aka Naila Moon said...