Saturday, October 7, 2017

Day 7 Countdown to #Halloween: Spot 7 Spooky! by Kids Label

Each spread of this Halloween-themed activity book features two spooky photographs that appear identical. Eagle-eyed readers, however, will spot seven things that have changed from one photo to the other. Perfect for fans of the I Spy or Where's Waldo series, the popular Spot 7 books offer benefits the other series don t: Comparing the two photos helps develop important reading skills, such as differentiation and visual memory. With a riddle on each spread and extra things to look for throughout the book, Chronicle's latest search-and-find activity book is sure to provide hours of spooky fun.

As the summary states, this book is along the lines of the "I Spy" books and has that feel. However, in this case, the two-page spreads are very similar and it takes a keen eye to find what the reader is looking for. Each section has a riddle to solve which is pretty simple in nature. That to me was a nice touch but still does not hold up to the original "I Spy" books which I like.

Overall, the book is cute and tries to follow along a Halloween theme but in my mind, falls a bit short. Although I am reviewing it for Halloween books, it could easily follow for any day as it is certainly not spooky enough but kids will like it none-the-less.

3 stars!

Disclosure: I obtained a copy of this book from my local library.


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