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#Review: The Murder That Never Was by Andrea Kane #thriller #AdultBooks

Given the opportunity, would you assume someone else's identity and leave your old life behind? A serendipitous crossing of paths between Lisa Barnes, a down-on-her-luck job seeker, and Julie Forman, a personal trainer to an Olympic hopeful, forever changes the course of both women's lives. One winds up dead and the other finds herself a fugitive, hiding behind one lie after another as a cold-blooded killer methodically hunts her. Desperately trying to stay alive, the terrified woman enlists the help of Forensic Instincts, a rogue investigative team that clandestinely operates in the gray area between legal and illegal. Safeguarding their client's deception, Forensic Instincts digs into dangerous territory as they try to find out who's after their client and why. Meanwhile, bodies are piling up in Chicago, New Jersey, and Vermont as a megalomaniacal genius will stop at nothing to eradicate anyone who threatens the success of his medical breakthrough. With an unhinged client and a monstrous criminal enterprise as its adversary, Forensic Instincts is forced into uncharted territory to protect their client and save one of their own from becoming the next corpse. Forensic Instincts is an unorthodox, criminal investigative team that carefully navigates the fine line between legal and illegal. The team consists of a behaviorist, a former Navy SEAL, a techo-wiz, an intuitive, a pickpocket, a retired FBI agent, and a human scent evidence dog."

My review:
This book was a very different genre than I normally will read. So, I began with an open mind and steeled myself for a ride of epic proportions. I was not disappointed. The author built up her story which came in waves of anticipating breaths.

The only real problem for me is it seemed to build up almost too slow and I found the last half of the book more thrilling and on edge of your seat reading than the first half. It seemed non-plausible that a fairly naive teen could get wrapped up in a scheme so diabolical that it was a mind blow. In fact, it seemed a bit confusing to me that the characters who were the clients and main characters in the first half became minor characters in the second half of the book.

Did this make me not like the book? The answer is no! Overall, I felt the characters were well worked and genuine in all aspects whether they were sinister or good. In fact, I could not wait to turn the pages as the book continued to build and build. The whole non-plausible thing in my mind, was crafted beautifully by the author to become something in the end that could be quite plausible and something you might eventually see on a news broadcast.

There is one thing that I would personally like to direct to the author and that is that maybe there should be a warning of possible triggers to individuals that read the book. I will not reveal what those are for the purposes of my review  but I do think there should be warning. 

This book is not for the faint of heart but in the same sense it is not blood and guts that would have turned me off of further reading. No, this is a psychological mind game and a good one at that.
This book gets 4 stars from me.

Disclosure: I received this book in exchange for my open and honest opinion. The views here are 100% my own and may differ from yours. ~M.M. aka Naila Moon

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