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#Review: The Thursday Night Club: Tale of Christmas Spirit #Christmas #ChristmasSpirit #AdultBooks

Five college friends, three men and two women, have been getting together every Thursday night to share humble meals and an abundance of laughter. But when tragedy takes one of them, leaving the others to question the fairness of life, the Thursday Night Club decides to embark on a contest in the memory of the generous spirit of their fallen brother. The objective of the contest is simple: whoever performs the kindest deed by Christmas night wins the pot – four quarters. And there are only two conditions: the benevolent deed must be anonymous, and it cannot cost a single penny to pull off.

As the four friends undertake the contest, the healing begins and they become inspired beyond their expectations. There might be a winner in this competition, but it is very clear there will be no losers.

My review:
I have read several of the authors novels and enjoyed each and everyone.  I am very happy I have also had the chance to read his first novella. This book has everything in it, a diverse group of long time friendships, familiarity, tragedy, heroism, and kindness.

At first I was saddened by the death of one of their friends but that death was not in vain. They learned to take the lessons of their friend and put those lessons into practical use that would last a life time. Their motivations were not always known to each other but their growth and kindness goes along way. The twist of it was their motivation to begin with.

I love how the author can find just the right words to suck me in to his stories. The human factor is so apparent and you can never help feeling like you have know his characters all your life. I loved getting to know each of the characters and what made them tick.

The story has Christmas elements to it but it is not based solely on a Christmas backdrop. What it does have, as the title suggest, is what the idea behind Christmas is...preparing, giving, and loving one another.

This story is a hands down winner that you can read in one sitting. I give it 5 stars.

Disclosure: I received a Kindle copy of this book for my open and honest opinion. The views expressed here are 100 % my own and may differ from yours. ~Naila Moon

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