Sunday, November 30, 2014

#Christmas Spirit Read-a-thon Wrap Up #SeasonsofRead #CSReadathon #ChristmasSpirit

Here I sit at my desk just having finished the book, "The Reindeer Keeper". It is about 21 degrees out and it looks like snow. I wonder if it will?

I participated in the Seasons of Reading Read-a-thon this week and it turns out, this was the only book I read. I have several on my TBR pile but this one was at the top. I actually won this book at the last read-a-thon and had stashed it away.

I am not inclined to review it right now as I have it to do in a few weeks but let's just say, it was certainly a five star-er!

This coming month I am dedicating the entire month to holiday books. I am saying holiday books because of course there is more than one holiday celebrated in the month of December. As I have mentioned before, I respect all faiths no matter what my own is. That is why I will review all holidays, some of course more than others.

Almost all of the books will be children's books but some may be adult books too.  This will coincide with The Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge going on now. I hope you will come back frequently and see what I am reading as well as what others have to offer too.

Peace and love this season,
Naila Moon


  1. Nice wrap up! I appreciate the book idea. Cheers to you for the wonderful commitment to read across traditions.

  2. The Reindeer Keeper is one of my most favorite Christmas books. Barbara certainly has a knack. You definitely should read The Snowman Maker too. I've talked to her recently and she's working on a third book to make it a trilogy. Exciting!

    Thank you for joining me for the read-a-thon. And I'm glad you're continuing with the reading challenge as well. :)


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