Friday, October 3, 2014

#Review: The Last Call by George Wier #FrightFall

Bill Travis, an unmarried, unattached investment counselor rapidly approaching his fortieth birthday, conceives that he may not live the most exciting of lives, yet Julie Simmons, his first appointment that Monday, is deeply in trouble. She has taken a North Texas quarter horse racer and liquor baron named Archie Carpin--the last of a dynasty of criminals from the 1920's--for a ride and cleaned him out of a neat two million bucks. And thus begins the adventure of Bill’s life.

Ensues a chase north across Texas to recover the money and shake the pursuit of a couple of rednecks with a penchant for rifles and rigged explosives. Yet, through all this action the compelling tale of yet another mystery—an 80-year old missing person’s case—begins to unravel.

My review:
I picked up this book from Amazon thinking it would be a nice thriller book without all the blood and guts that I simply don't like. Well, it wasn't exactly thriller but certainly mystery as the book says on the cover.

I was a bit drawn in to this mystery girl, Julie. She seemed just like some people whom I have met before. She tells you just enough to intrigue you and keep you going but not enough to keep you out of getting into a mess. I was surprised to find out whom she was connected to at the end.

I kept wondering why the main character, Bill kept going even after she gets him into some hot water including almost getting killed a few times. I suppose like all things it is love. Hmmm?

The book was kind of like Julie and Bill, just enough to intrigue me and keep me going to read it but yet wondering why I am. It seemed slow in some parts but in others I was all in. Yes, it had its mysterious 80 year old case wrapped up with a little gun fight and dynamite!

In truth, I would have liked to see a little bit more "thrill" and maybe even a bit more mystery as that was mild in my mind, but overall, I liked this book. This was the authors first book in a series and I am sure his others will be good too.

He gets 4 stars from me.

Disclosure: I purchased this book on Kindle for my own collections.

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