Saturday, January 18, 2014

Review of: I Wanna Be A Firefighter by The Brothers

I used to teach preschool. Across from the school was a firehouse which always intrigued the kids. They could look outside and watch the firefighters leave in their trucks. We also took a field trip once a year to visit the firefighters who lived there. It was a big deal!

The Brothers Publishing wrote this book called, I Wanna Be A Firefighter which certainly plays up to the big deal-ness of being a firefighter. On each page, a young boy in a fire suit is seen showing off some aspect of being a firefighter. Inset is a yellow post-it note that has a "did you know" that supports the main idea and gives more information.

The end of the book reminds children and parents at home to be properly prepared in case of fire. The book also tells children that fire is not something to play with and if they see things like matches to leave them alone.
I had a couple of issues with this book. First, they did not show both boys and girls as firefighters which is somewhat understandable since the authors wrote the book for their sons. However, that would have been nice to see as both genders today do like firefighters because it still is a big deal.

Secondly, the illustrations were nothing special. A young child would be easily bored after the first couple of pages.

Lastly, although I like the inset of the post-its, I think it would have been better suited just to put the words below the pictures. Each picture has only one sentence and as this book is slated for 6-12 year olds there are not enough words for a reader even as young as 6. Possibly the age range needs to be lowered.

Overall, an ok book and for that reason, I give it 3 stars especially for the informational aspect.
~Naila Moon

Disclosure: I bought this book for my Kindle and the opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

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