Saturday, December 28, 2013

Review of No. 3 World Facts & No. 4 World Facts by The Brothers Publishing

The Brothers Publishing is a two fathers who have come together to produce books that answer the questions of their children. They have written a series of World Fact books that is like none other.

The two books that I have been privileged to read this time are volumes 3 & 4 in the series. Each book is aimed at children 4-10 years of age. The younger child would enjoy the simplified pictures while the older child could read the words.

Book 3 opens with two small girls running a three-legged race.  Each page is filled with a quick question or item and then a "did you know" fact about the subject on the page. All the subjects in this book have to do with the number three that is highlighted on each page.

This is a not so subtle way for children to learn about a number but also to learn about the things and places around them and in the world. Some things in book three could be a little harder to grasp for the young child like the idea of living in a three dimensional world but that does not distract from the book as a whole. In fact, I believe it helps a child to imagine and for the older child a prompt to explore more.

Book 4 like the previous book, fills pages of photos and words together to interest the curious child. This time the book opens with the number four itself and follows each page with something about four.
As with the previous book the pictures will entice a youngster while encourage the older child to read and maybe research more of their curiosity.

The Brothers Publishing has done a great job of researching out facts to go with each book. I enjoyed finding out certain things I did not know. Each fact is clearly written but some of the photos do not point out that clarity.

The only issue I have with the books is that I think the facts in each book are too advanced for young kids to grasp but having the age up to 10 covers that issue as well. These books are great for the curious child of which I would have loved when I was a kid.

Way to go Brothers Publishing. Your books get 4 stars from me.
~Naila Moon

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