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#Spotlight: Golf Poems by Ron Colby #poetry #golf #sports

Book Description:

Ronald Colby worked in the professional theater in New York as an actor, both on Broadway and Off- Broadway. He wrote many plays that saw New York productions, and as a director/playwright, “The Village Voice” declared him an “influential originator” of the Off-Off Broadway movement.
Colby also worked with such well-known directors as Francis Ford Coppola and was Executive Producer for The Outsiders and Mobile Masterpiece theatre productions including A Death in the Family.
Theater is one of Colby’s passions. His other passion is golf, which is expressed in his new book, 18 Golf Poems And a Recollection at the 19th Hole. Colby says he’s “written these poems primarily for golfers but also for non-players who need confirmation of the absurdities and complexities of the game.” He’s been playing golf since he was eleven, and like many, he became a devoted fan of the game.
Complete with photographs and an essay at the end of the book where Colby reflects upon the sport and its fans, 18 Golf Poems is the perfect Father’s Day gift for those who love the sport, and the perfect gift at any time for all golf aficionados.

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

#Spotlight: A Daughter's Journey by Myra Lee Glass #giveaway #YA #HistoricalFiction #Adventure

 Book Details:

Book Title:  A Daughter's Journey by Myra Lee Glass
Category:  YA Fiction (Ages 13-17),  132 pages
GenreYA Historical Fiction / Adventure
PublisherColeche Press
Content RatingG: Written for a high school school project :) by a highschooler
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Book Description:

The year is 1938 and a family in the small South Carolina town of Beaufort faces serious adversity. After the birth of her long-awaited son, Mary Banks dives into a dark postpartum period, throwing her into a deep depression. Thinking that her sister, Rose, is offering her a helping hand, Mary leaves her family and goes to Boston in search of a medical cure, not to be heard from again.
Where is Mary Banks? What has Rose done with the much-loved mother and wife of the Banks family? Finally, Mary’s 15-year-old daughter, Estelle can wait no longer. She gathers her wits and her courage and without a word, runs off to heroically rescue her beloved mother in faraway Boston. This is where the adventure begins……

Author Myra Lee Glass
Meet the Author:

Myra Lee Glass is a young adult author of A Daughter's Journey. She lives in Texas with her parents and sister.


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Light of the World by Michelle Miles #giveaway #spotlight #UrbanFantasy #paranormal #novel #book series


Light of the World

A Dream Walker Novel Book 5

by Michelle Miles

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal 

The final battle between Heaven and Hell is coming – and I'm at the heart of it.

As I begin my final quest for the last Holy Relic, the Ark of the Covenant, things take an unexpected turn. Kincade is forced to return to the Brotherhood of Watchers and must face the consequences for breaking their laws and assisting me in my search.

Putting the quest on hold, I track down the Brotherhood to find him. My rescue fails, however, when The Knights of the Holy Lance steal my DNA in order to create more super dream walkers. I'm determined now more than ever to destroy them.

When I once more resume my hunt for the Ark, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are unleashed, spreading their reign of terror across countries. The world is now plagued by earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and other disasters.

Lucifer has won.

Or has he?

As we both scramble to obtain the ancient artifact, the ultimate war between good and evil looms before us. The battle for the fate of mankind comes down to me and those brave souls willing to stand against the darkness.

With the fate of all creation on the line, a final sacrifice will be demanded. But will the true nature of love and loyalty be enough to save me?


Don't miss the rest of the series!!

Don't miss the rest of the series!!

Michelle Miles believes in fairy tales, true love and magic. She writes heart-stopping urban fantasy, epic fantasy and paranormal romance with an action/adventure twist that will leave you breathless. She is the author of numerous series that includes everything from angels and demons to fairies, dragons and elves.

A native Texan, in her spare time she loves reading, listening to music, watching movies, cross-stitching, drinking wine and taking pictures of her cat. She can be found online at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Goodreads.

Website * Goodreads

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#spotlight: The Light Keeper by Christina Wallace #giveaway #YA


The Light Keeper

Genre: Epic YA Fantasy 

Wishes aren't all they're cracked up to be... especially when you have to capture the Fairies who grant them to you.

Er... make that faeries... and not the normal, hiding-in-plain-sight magical kind.

When a misadventure cleaning out the attic leads Isaac to release a faerie trapped in a glass ball of light, he believes he's struck gold--in the form of wishes. All he has to do is mention the name that was engraved on the ball, and the indebted faerie would grant him any three wishes he wanted.

The best part of all was knowing that there was an entire chest of captured faeries waiting to be freed...

But when strange things start to happen around town, Isaac begins to wonder if the increasingly unfortunate events are his doing.

Only his mysterious neighbor, Yara, knows the truth about his lineage as a Light Keeper.

Can Yara's strength and wisdom guide Isaac into his new role?

Can Isaac make things right again?

Or will his dream-come-true turn into his worst nightmare?

**Check out the kickstarter campaign HERE!**

Amazon * Goodreads

Christina Wallace has been many things. A student, an analyst, a wife, a mother, a gamer, and a lifelong writer. For almost as long as she can remember she’s dreamed of people and places that only existed in her mind, and sharing her stories is a dream come true.

Christina writes books not only for middle-grade audiences, but for young and new adults as well. Stories should be an escape. Christina likes to write about people who become their own heroes and take fate into their own hands. Many of her works contain fantastical elements and also a bit of love, but strong friendships are the common thread.

The Light Keeper is Christina’s debut series with more books soon to come. She is thrilled to begin this adventure of her very own as an author.


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#Spotlight: The Marco Flynn Mysteries by Christopher Clouser #giveaway #mysteries #bookseries


The Gold in Their Eyes

Marco Flynn Mysteries Book 3

Genre: Mystery 

Marco Flynn has returned to his home town for a fresh start. Now he’s a full-time parent to a pre-teen son, Jacob, and has asked Tara to marry him. He tries to start over by getting a normal nine-to-five gig.

Marco accepts a job working in the administration for the newly-elected mayor of Indianapolis. Before the ink dries on the contract, a new drug fills the streets . Along with that, a series of murders sweep through the city with the ringleader making a personal threat toward Marco’s family. Marco takes it as a personal challenge to solve the crime even if it compromises his new job, or his life

Marco attempts to protect his family no matter the costs. Even if that means harm will come to him, either physical or emotional. He will do anything to prevent a repeat of the tragedies he has seen over the last few months repeat itself. His sacrifice is worthwhile if it means his family, and the city, are safe.

**Releases on 6/13/23!!**


The Young & The Wicked

Marco Flynn Mysteries Book 2

Marco Flynn is fresh off a case that was bigger than anything he could imagine. To take a break, he and his girlfriend, Tara, travel to Seattle to spend the holidays with his son, Jacob.

From the start of the trip, Marco makes life miserable for the bad guys. During the flight, Marco breaks up a kidnapping. Then, once he reaches Seattle, is drawn into a child abduction case as a contractor for the FBI, his former employers. When Marco begins his investigation, he finds the kidnapper may be related to his ex-wife’s boyfriend, talk about a tough conversation. It becomes apparent that something is amiss at the Bureau as Marco unravels the mystery.

Marco attempts to keep his professional and personal lives separate as he goes between his ex and his girlfriend, while developing a deeper relationship with his son. Then every parent’s worst nightmare occurs and the case turns into a race against the clock as Marco Flynn tries to track down his prey in a city he does not know.


As The City Burns

Marco Flynn Mysteries Book 1

Marco Flynn is working to make his home town of Indianapolis safe. In the process he stumbles across a dead body. The problem is she has been dead for two years and Marco attended her funeral. At the same time Marco's brother drops another case on him that implicates the Mayor in some illegal activities. The more Marco investigates he finds the two crimes have much more in common and may be linked to something even more dangerous. All of this as the city deals with increased protests and violence. Marco must decide if he wants to walk away or try to save the city he loves before it all falls down around him.


Christopher Clouser lives in the Indianapolis, Indiana area and pursues writing speculative fiction in his free time. His family consists of his wife, two children, and one grandchild. He has written sixteen books that include fantasy, science-fiction, mystery, and sports history while contributing to several others, along with multiple articles. He also has spoken to many local and national organizations on creative writing and the career of Perry Maxwell, a noted American golf course architect.

Website * Goodreads

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#Review: Faces Behind the Stones Book5: Accusations by Fran Lewis #horror #cemetery #shortstories #adultfiction #bookseries

Book Details:

Genre: Horror
Published by: Fideli Publishing
Publication Date: December 2022
Number of Pages: 164
ISBN: 1955622302 (ISBN13: ‎ 978-1955622301)
Series: Faces Behind the Stones | Each is a stand-alone set



My Review: 

I originally spotlighted this book on my blog, HERE but now, I have read the book and wow! I was not aware the book was part of a series when I began reading. In fact, this is book five and I cannot attest to books prior.

This book is written in a eerie fashion,telling the tales of people who are dead and most likely forgotten. Written as short stories, the author puts a "face" to the names written on cemetery stones. Some of these people have been wrongly accused, some not at all but revenge is the name of their game. 

As someone who likes to visit cemeteries, I was sucked right in and could not put this book down. I read this in one sitting. How often I wonder who the people are, what their lives were like, and who laid them "to rest".The author does a fine job of claiming who is buried, even if they claimed their own fate. Again, wow!!

TRIGGER WARNING I do want to note: In "John's Story" on page 63, there is talk of suicide.(There are a couple of other stories on the topic.) His story includes ways to see warning signs and ways to help those who are suicidal. It is a great resource for ideas. However, the author left out the suicide hotline numbers which has been vital for prevention. I actually wrote the text message number of 988 inside the book. I encourage the author to maybe include that as a back page source in subsequent books. 

Hint: book six is coming soon. I love this author and recommend this book! 4 stars.

Disclosure: I received a copy of the book from the author. The review expressed here is 100% my own opinions and may differ from yours. ~Michelle, Reading Authors Network

Friday, May 26, 2023

The Dragon's Breath by Carol Weakland #giveaway #childrensfiction #spotlight #bookseries



The Dragon's Breath Book

Magical Beings Book 1

by Carol Weakland

Genre: Children's Book

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be blessed by dragons?

This brand new book by award-winning author, Carol Weakland, is perfect for your children, grandchildren, and anyone young at heart to experience the special magic that awaits inside a dragon’s breath. If you want to be blessed by dragons, THE DRAGON’S BREATH BOOK will show you how.

Inside this magical book about dragons you’ll discover:

How to get in touch with your own Dragon Guide.

How to receive the blessing of the Dragon’s Breath.

The perfect times to call on a dragon to assist you.

The DRAGON’S BREATH BOOK helps you and your little ones enter the magical world of dragons. Learn what masters of magic they are and how they can help you. Find out how to access their blessing through breath made of a special kind of fire that never burns. Delight in astory of nature magic that can make you feel better than ever before. If you enjoy fantasy stories about nature and magical beings like dragons, you will love this book. THE DRAGON’S BREATH BOOK will take you into their magical realm to experience their breath and blessing.

Author Carol Weakland really does lives in a fairytale cottage complete with Fairies, Dragons, and Unicorns. She is a Gatekeeper to Everything Magical! One of her previous children’s books won the COVR Silver Medal Award for Best Children's Picture Book.

Amazon * Goodreads

Author Carol Weakland really does live in a fairytale cottage complete with Fairies, Dragons, and Unicorns. She is a Gatekeeper to Everything Magical! One of her previous children’s books won the COVR Silver Medal Award for Best Children's Picture Book, SECRETS OF THE FLOWER FAIRIES.  It is also a book in THE MAGICAL BEINGS' SERIES. Some of her other books include: the Romantic Fantasy Series: MORGEN OF AVALON. LAND OF THE TWILIGHT MIST. Young Adult Fantasy and THE ADVENTURES OF MAID MARIAN, HEALER OF SHERWOOD FOREST.


SECRETS OF THE FLOWER FAIRIES is considered book two in the series.

Website  * Amazon * Goodreads

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