Friday, October 25, 2013

Review of Chasing Butterflies by Harry Toews

Chasing Butterflies by author, Harry Toews  is a cute and short children's book that follows Sophia and Matteo who are enjoying playing in the backyard garden of their Grandma's house. They have gone to visit her for the Summer like they do every year.

Things are always fascinating at their Grandma's house, whom they call Abuela. Grandma always has a little lesson to teach them, although they really are not aware of that. This year, it is about magic.

As Sophia and Matteo explore they discover things that seem ugly and out of place which includes an ugly green worm. They capture this worm and forget it about it. However, they soon find out that not everything is as it appears. They also learn the lesson that  judging something or someone that looks different before knowing is not the answer and within that is...magic.

Harry Toews along with his  illustrator Viser has managed to create the simplest of lessons visually appealing but yet interesting enough for the emergent reader. The lessons are understood quickly and without a lot of babble.  The illustrations vibrant and not overly done.

I am sure that any kid would love these series of books.

This book gets 4 stars from me.
~Naila Moon

Disclosure: I received a Kindle version of this book for my open and honest review. The opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

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