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Review of Anora by Tomas Trujillo

Anora, written by Tomas Trujillo
Not too long ago I received a copy of the book Anora by Tomas Trujillo. I was not sure what to expect from someone who says he is a "poet and dreamer". I suppose I thought the whole book would be in prose but boy, was I wrong!
The book opens in the jungles of Vietnam with a character by the name of Johnny.
Johnny and some friends are taken captive and endure great suffering at the hands of their captors.
Johnny takes hard-core movements at the risk of being killed to free himself and his buddies.

After returning home, he is left with nightmares and with scars that may never heal. Johnny is awarded a Medal of Honor but can not find himself settled.

The story moves along at a fast pace finding Johnny broke, homeless and then on a unbelievable journey that lands him in the fields of Pennsylvania where he meets the beautiful Anora.  
Anora sees past the wounds and in an incredible tale of love and courage gives hope and healing.
What happens to Anora and Johnny? Do they stay together? Does Johnny ever recover from the nightmares?
To find out, you will have to read the book yourself.

I was so enamored by this book that I read it in 1 1/2 days. This is a book that I think everyone should read although it is definitely not for young children. 

This book vocalizes endurance, hope, love, and forgiveness of ones self. This book transmits to all survivors of atrocities that it is possible to have the heart of grace in the face of great diversity.
Anora begs the reader to look beyond what one sees in front of them and go deeper within a persons soul to find out who they truly are. 

If you want a book that  is compelling, takes you along with the journey,  has heart and soul, and that makes your emotions do flip flops, then this is the book for you!
I can honestly say that I feel I am a better person having read this book and that I know there is nothing that I can not overcome. 

Thank you Tomas Trujillo for your beautiful words and story. 

~Naila Moon

Tomas L. Trujillo, Author, Poet, and Dreamer
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